XWEB Centralized Refrigeration Monitoring

XWEB 300 and 500D centralized refrigeration monitoring

XWEB 300 and 500D Monitoring Systems

XWEB 300 and XWEB 500 modules are electronic servers which can monitor and control a large number of refrigeration units in a RS485 (2 wire) network. They are available in DIN rail mounting and in self-contained housed versions with inbuilt screen and keyboard.

The XWEB control panel is a separate panel which is normally sited near the client’s server. The panel is connected to all the various control panels of a system, ie. the outdoor compressor unit, the control panel by the cold room etc. Up to 30 systems can be connected per XWEB panel. The system is used to monitor the efficiency of the systems, monitoring any system fault.  A call-out device is incorporated to advise engineers of problems. The system also enables the client to remotely access the system and to make adjustments to room conditions when required. Should the client require more technical assistance then the manufacturer can also access the system to check that the plant is operating as designed. This centralized refrigeration monitoring system gives great confidence to the client knowing that the manufacturer is able to advise if there are problems which not all engineers might  identify.

centralized refrigeration monitoring connection scheme

XWEB 300 and 500D Connection Scheme