Evaporating Units

evaporating units for refrigeration

A range of evaporating units for refrigeration applications at high, medium and low temperature.

Each evaporating unit consists of a ventilated evaporator with inbuilt regulation valves and thermostatic expansion valve, and controlled by a prewired electronic control board.

Every model has been designed and adjusted in order to optimize the R-404A refrigerant dry expansion, in a wide range of temperature applications.

  • ››High efficiency coils.
  • ››Inbuilt thermostatic expansion and solenoid valves.
  • ››Electronic control.
  • ››100% factory tested and adjusted units for the highest performance.
  • ››Minimum maintenance needs, with simple access through folding panels.
  • ››Operation with R-404A and R-507A refrigerants.

Range of Evaporating UnitsMJB-NF / BJB-NF series

Slim-type commercial units.

AJD-NF series

Double-flow low-profile units.

MJC-NF / BJC-NF series

Cubic-type units.

MJH-NF / BJH-NF series

Industrial cubic-type units.

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