Industrial Split Refrigeration Systems

IntarPACK split refrigeration systems

Industrial Split Refrigeration Systems

IntarPACK – split

IntarPACK split refrigeration units are designed for the refrigeration of large cold rooms.

IntarPACK split series cover compressor power range from 4 to 60 HP, featuring long range cubic-type evaporating units and air-cooled intarPACK condensing units in two different constructions:

IntarPACK – centrifugal

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IntarPACK centrifugal condensing units have been designed for indoor installation in an engine room.

Medium pressure centrifugal motor-fan is incorporated for a ducted outlet of condenser’s hot air.

IntarPACK – low-noise axial

IntarPACK axial condensing units have been developed for outdoor installation.
Each model has been designed to run under extreme ambient conditions, featuring acoustic insulated components for lower noise levels.

  • High power in small area.
  • ››Tropicalised design for high ambient temperature.
  • ››Rack of hermetic compressors with noise insulation.
  • ››Minimum maintenance needs, with simple access through removable panels.

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