Frost Heave Prevention

Cold Room Heater Mats (Frost Heave Prevention)

Cold room heater mats for frost heave preventionOur cold room heater mats offer a great solution for the prevention of frost heave. We supply a large volume of these frost heave mats every year to companies where cold room storage plays an important role. Cold rooms can suffer serious problems if affected by frost heave. The consequences of frost heave can be serious – from unnecessary downtime to loss of/damage to cold storage stock (chilled or frozen).

These electric heater mats mats can provide a very effective means of preventing cold air escaping from deep freeze chambers and cold rooms and are actually suitable for most door openings. This is a well proven technology and high operational safety makes these mats a first choice when considering finding something suitable that offers frost heave prevention. There are numerous advantages to these mats – for example, cracks and faults in a concrete base do not affect the actual heating elements. Also, because of their Teflon insulation, they are resistant to alkali attack and are very durable. All these are important factors in the management of commercial cold rooms.

Controller for heater matsCold Room Monitoring Via Web Interface

A specialized frost prevention controller makes the use of these heater mats more efficient than ever before. It can be configured and monitored via web interface so that, if there is a problem, an integrated function triggers the booting-up of a PC which alerts the operator in the control room. This assures very precise and reliable control.

Improved Safety For Personnel

A special emergency call alarm system has been developed to improve the safety of those working in cold rooms. When triggered, anyone trapped or injured can be detected and a networked PC reports the alarm via ‘Wake on LAN function’.

Detection Of Cold Room Temperature Rises, Unclosed Doors

The emergency call alarm system can also be used to display technical problems. These might include an abnormal temperature rise, an unclosed door, inactive ventilation or water.

For more detailed information please view our cold room heater mats pdf

Our Technical Director Allen Strange has over 30 years experience in cold room design and installation and knows first-hand the true value of effective cold storage. His view on frost heave protection? A must on the agenda of any serious cold room operator. If you have a query about cold room mats contact us today and we will be pleased to help.

Frost Heave Mats – Other Applications

In addition to their use as cold room mats, these heater mats can be used for a surprisingly wide range of commercial and domestic applications. See the tables below for examples ….

Commercial Frost Heave Protection Includes:
traffic routes
roadways, traffic lanes
entrances to car parks
stairs and emergency exits
rotating scraper bridges
floor storage or direct heating for private, public and industrial buildings
ceiling heating for cool rooms
Domestic Applications Include:
gutters, drains, rainwater waste pipes
frost protection for pipelines
maintaining hot water temperature