Mobile Shelving

diagram of mobile shelving

When it comes to the food, catering and pharmaceutical sectors, cold room storage space is often a premium. The Optima range of cold room mobile shelving systems is the ideal space-saving solution and this type of racking is now widely used in large cold rooms, commercial kitchens and pharmaceutical facilities.

Event caterers, who use cold room racking in a different way, find this shelving a big help in their business.

Another highly effective use for mobile shelving is in warehousing. Warehouse operators can enjoy arranging their warehouse space with greater flexibility and thereby improve storage capacity and efficiency.

Optima Mobile Shelving System

mobile cold room shelving with casters in special channelThe Optima mobile system is built from their standard cold room shelving units and fitted with casters which travel within specially designed channels. So if you want mobile, modular, ergonomic and personalized shelving for your cold storage, this is the mobile racking system for you.

Dimensions & Load Capacity
Standard height 1800mm
Optional heights of 2100mm and 2400mm possible
Number of shelves: 3, 4, 5 and 6. (7 and 8 tier shelving is possible – please enquire)
Sloping shelves are an option for display use.
Shelving depth: 500mm or 600mm.
NOTE: To avoid risk of tipping we do not recommend shelf depth less than 500mm.
Variable shelf length: 663mm to 1854mm ~ Shelf inserts: 4 sizes ~ All PVC inserts are dishwasher safe.
For more details including load capacity please read the mobile shelving pdf.

Freezer mobile shelving for Cambridge UniversityMobile Shelving For Freezers

Medical research has become incredibly important industry in the last 2 years. As a result, many laboratories and pharmaceutical companies have found a growing need to increase their storage capacity.

This was particularly so in 2021 and one of the installations we were delighted to be involved in was for Cambridge University’s Epidemiology Department. Read more about this freezer mobile shelving supply in our Cold Room Blog.

lockable mobile trolley with shelvingLockable Trolley With Shelving

This lockable trolley system is ideal for restaurants, hotels and hospitals (any areas of catering used by the general public). There is also a sloping shelf option for display use – very popular with grocers and chocolatiers.

Dimensions & Load Capacity
Standard height: 1926mm
Number of shelves: 2.   Trays are an option.
Variable shelf length: 663mm to 1854mm
Shelf inserts: 4 sizes
All PVC inserts are dishwasher safe.
More details are on the mobile shelving pdf.

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If mobile shelving is not for you and you need static racking, visit our standard cold room shelving page.