Tackling Global Warming – R-404A Becomes A Thing Of The Past

European legislation has changed and in a welcome move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a new European directive will come into effect from 1 January 2015 – the F-Gas Directive.

F Gas Directive

The aim of the directive is to reduce the GWP (global warming potential) of refrigerants or F-gases as they are also known. So if you are an operator of refrigeration systems what does this mean and why should you be thinking about it now? Well, put simply:

  1. The use of R-404A refrigerant will be banned from 2020 onwards.
  2. Those who use R-404A between now and 2020 face increased tax implications.
  3. The use of R-134A in stationary cooling systems will continue to be allowed (the legislation currently identifies no time limit)

So you need to assess carefully the legal, practical and economic considerations more closely than ever before and take action sooner rather than later.

INTARCON have conducted detailed investigation into this legislation and the options open to them as refrigeration systems manufacturers. The company’s response has been to take immediate and positive action and is now manufacturing refrigeration units with R-134A in place of R-404A. Specifically, this applies to the INTARCON commercial series for positive temperature operations – ie. refrigeration systems for cold room facilities (chill systems).

Examples of INTARCON refrigeration units we can already offer which carry R-134A include:

Intarcon Commercial Compact Units

Commercial Compact Refrigeration Units

Intarblock models MCV-NY-0010 3/8Hp and MCV-NY-3108 5Hp (chill systems)
These are popular self-contained, compact refrigeration units

Split Systems Intarsplit MSH-NY-00010 3/8Hp and MSH-NY-44136 6 (chill systems)
These are split systems for small to medium size cold rooms

There are also other systems in the Sigilus range from 3/8 HP > 13Hp. These are air-cooled, low noise condensing units for outdoor installation.

In addition, we will shortly be introducing refrigeration systems with secondary Glycol circuits for the commercial range. These systems will have less refrigerant charge, therefore affording greater tax reductions.

So if you are a cold rooms operator and looking for a new refrigeration system, you can be assured of the quality and legality of what we, as INTARCON’s exclusive UK representatives, can supply. Call us now on 01582 471600 or email.

NOTE: R-134A refrigerant cannot be used for the temperature range required in freezer rooms. INTARCON is currently developing something for that application.

For more detailed information about INTARCON’s approach to the F-Gas Directive click here to read INTARCON’s official statement.