Low Cost Modular Homes & Housing

Our program of modular homes and housing construction is the ideal solution where a low cost, quick-build, stable structural unit is required. Our principal markets are the domestic home build and medical sectors. Video of Modular Home Interior View

Domestic Homes Construction

The demand for affordable, quality housing has never been greater than it is today and is an issue of growing importance for many countries around the world. A good example is the project we were awarded and commenced in 2013 to build 13 modular unit homes on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Medical Centres

Sometimes small to medium size medical units have to be built quickly and in unusual locations or circumstances. A good example is that of ambulance stations for oil field sites where injured personnel have to be housed whilst awaiting transportation to hospital.

Modular Unit Sizes & Options

Ranging from 25 m2 to 160 m2 our modular homes and housing units carry a seismic 4 grading and can be supplied with a variety of options. Window and door sizes, door types and even the internal layout as a whole can be modified without changes to the construction and its stability. Kitchens can be easily modified to suit a customer’s request and there is a choice of lighting options available. Optional heating and air-conditioning can be provided to create an even higher specification of modular home build.

Technical Information

This system of modular building is based on a modulated self-bearing assembly of continuous polyurethane injected metal sandwich panels. The different walls, gables and roofs are linked to each other through specially designed aluminium profiles and rivets. The whole building is connected to the foundation slab with extruded aluminium floor profiles and concrete plugs.

Optional wall finishings – for the outside glued brickpads or Tyrolean finish for the inside plasterboard, directly screwed to the sandwich panel. Carpentry, floor finishing, electrical equipment and plumbing are delivered together in the building kit.

Click here to view a typical interior design and read about the advantages of this type of modular housing.

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