Commercial Split Units

split refrigeration units - commercial

Commercial Split Systems

Split refrigeration systems for small and medium size cold rooms for preservation of refrigerated and frozen products. Featuring a slim-type or a cubic-type evaporating unit and multifunction electronic control with digital remote keyboard and digital condensing temperature control.

  • R-404A load lower than 10 kg.
  • ››Units already certified at factory with no test needed at place.


Split systems consisting of a condensing unit in vertical or horizontal construction, with axial or centrifugal motorfans,and a slim-type or cubic-type evaporating unit.

  • ››Tropicalised design for high ambient temperature up to 45 ºC.
  • ››Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • ››Fast-freezing function.
  • ››Centrifugal versions for a ducted outlet of condenser’s hot air.

Suitable Applications:  These split refrigeration units are also  used with small cold rooms (both chill and freezer) to a maximum of 40m3 and also ideal for small restaurants, small pharmacies, fast food outlets, etc.  However, the unit is split, ie. the compressor section would be installed normally outside and connected to the blower in the coldroom via pipework and electrical wiring. These units do require specialists to install the system and also require condensate drains. The compressor section would be waterproof and would not need a cover, unlike conventional compressor units. This type of unit takes time to install probably days instead of hours and is more expensive.


Split systems consisting of a low noise condensing unit for outdoor installation and a slim-type or cubic-type evaporating unit. Thanks to their triple acoustic insulation Sigilus units are among the most silent units in the market, and thanks to their tropicalised design they are really suitable to operate under extreme ambient conditions.

  • ››Tropicalised design for high ambient temperature up to 50ºC.
  • ››Low noise condensing units with low speed fans.
  • ››Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • ››Fast-freezing function.

Suitable Applications: Sigilus systems are very similar to the above but have a bigger range in terms of horsepower. The main difference is that they are very quiet – especially useful in or near residential areas.
The units range in size from 0.5Hp>10Hp and are used by small shops through medium enterprises such as supermarkets, meat storage, frozen fish suppliers, cheese storage, spice storage and even for specialist applications such as carbon fibre for Formula 1.  Also used for pharmaceutical cosmetics, drug stores and general test labs.

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