Cold Room Shelving

cold room shelvingAll cold room users know the importance of quality shelving systems. Hygiene is a big factor so it is important for any business that handles food or pharmaceuticals to choose the right kind of shelving and racking for their cold room facilities. We have many years of experience in cold room design and supply and this enables us to recognise what makes a good shelving system. So we are delighted to offer our customers this quality racking range from Optima, manufactured in Europe, which has a range of fantastic features and benefits.

This cold room shelving has been designed for a wide range of uses which includes:
Cold Rooms –  Commercial Kitchens – Laundries – Clean Rooms – Laboratories – Pharmacies
Our regular and repeat business customers are pharmaceutical companies, caterers, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers and chocolatiers.

3 Types Of Cold Room Shelving To Suit Your Needs

Freezer mobile shelving systemStandard Shelving  (freestanding or can be fixed to the wall)

Mobile Shelving – with wheels that travel within specially installed tracks. Ideal for large cold rooms and kitchens, warehouses, pharmaceuticals and event caterers. Also used to increase freezer storage capacity such as in medical research laboratories. Read about the freezer mobile shelving installation for Cambridge University which we undertook in 2021.

Lockable Trolleys (for restaurants, hotels and hospitals and areas open to the general public)

Standard Cold Room Shelving – Key Features

coldroom racking system– Strong, decorative, anodised aluminium structure
– Plastic, durable shelves with excellent load capacity
– Shelves can be easily extended
– Almost any combination of shelving configuration possible
– Sloping shelves option for display (grocers, chocolatiers)
– Durable polypropylene shelf plates and grills
– Hooks made from reinforced aluminum
– Feet/inserts made of high resistant composite material
– Stainless steel corner connectors


food in cold room shelving– Hygenic storage solution
– Shelving cominbations help maximise storage space
– Shelf stability, excellent load capacity
– Adjustable shelving (every 150 mm)
– Easily removable shelving grills and plates
– Dishwasher-proof shelf inserts
– Superb resistance between -40°C and +80°C
– Strong hook supports, hidden fixing connections
– Adjustable feet

Dimensions & Load Capacity
Standard height 1800mm – Optional heights of 2100mm and 2400mm possible
Number of shelves: 3, 4, 5 or 6. (7 and 8 tier shelving is possible – please enquire)
Shelving depth: 400mm, 500mm or 600mm. (400mm is only possible if the unit is fixed to the wall for stability)
For more details including load capacity please refer to the Optima cold room shelving pdf
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For details on our Mobile Shelving and Trolley options please click here