Refrigeration Centrals

refrigeration central unit by IntarPACKIntarPACK – refrigeration centrals

Self-contained air-cooled refrigeration centrals, designed for indoor or outdoor installation, with minimum space needs.

IntarPACK centrals range covers compressor capacity from 4 to 60 HP at positive and negative temperature, in two different constructions: the IntarPACK centrifugal and the IntarPACK Axial (see below)

  • High power in small place.
  • ››Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC.
  • ››Rack of hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors with noise insulation.
  • ››Minimum maintenance needs, with simple access through removable panels.

IntarPACK centrifugal refrigeration centrals

IntarPACK centrifugal

IntarPACK centrifugal air-cooled centrals have been designed for indoor installation at an engine room.

They feature medium pressure centrifugal motor-fans to duct outdoors the hot condensing air flow.

IntarPACK axial

IntarPACK axial refrigeration centralsIntarPACK axial air-cooled centrals have been developed for outdoor installation.

Each model has been designed to operate under extreme ambient conditions, featuring acoustic insulated components for lower noise level.

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