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monoblock refrigeration unit

Superblock Industrial Monoblock

Monoblock refrigeration units designed for large cold room refrigeration at medium, high and low temperature, as well as high humidity applications.

The Superblock series covers compressor power range from 2 to 30 HP in a very compact design, combining the latest refrigeration technologies with traditional effective solutions. Each model has been designed to work under extreme ambient conditions with minimum maintenance needs.

Superblock units are environmentally friendly, providing a high performance, low refrigerant load in an hermetic circuit and low noise level.

Suitable Applications: Generally used for big commercial coldrooms such as distribution depots, the units can be installed very easily and quickly. These units are very popular where temporary large storage is required and can be moved to another site without the need of skilled labour. Can be installed as a retro fit if the client has problems or needs more cooling.

  • Reduced R-404A refrigerant load.
  • ››Quick installation into the cold room wall frame.
  • ››Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC.
  • ››100% factory tested and adjusted units for the highest performance.
  • ››Acoustic isolated hermetic compressors.
  • ››Minimum maintenance needs, with easy access through folding panels.

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