Special Application Systems

specal refrigeration systems

Special Application Systems

High temperature

High temperature special refrigeration units designed for process rooms and other applications at high temperature, featuring a low-profile evaporating unit with double air flow.

  • ››Split systems featuring a low-profile, double-flow evaporating unit for lower air speed.

Quasi-static systems

Quasi-static systems units featuring a quasi-static evaporating unit specially developed to emulate the natural convection air flow inside the cold room to guarantee an optimal preservation of meat products.

  • Split systems featuring a quasi-static evaporating unit in a low-profile construction, specifically designed for meat product preservation.

High relative humidity

Split systems with humidity control featuring a passive control of relative humidity between 60% and 95% for controlled humidity refrigeration applications, such as preservation of fruit, vegetables, cut flower or fish.

  • Split systems featuring a low-profile double-flow evaporating unit, oversized for controlled relative humidity applications.

Wine cellar systems

Monoblock and split systems with temperature and humidity control, specifically designed for preservation of bottled wine in cellars.

  • High temperature split systems featuring a low-profile double-flow evaporating unit with humidity controller for bottled wine preservation.

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