Refrigeration Chillers

refrigeration chillers example intarpack model


IntarPACK – chiller

These air-cooled refrigeration chillers are designed for applications with glycol water and brine.

The IntarPACK refrigeration chiller series covers compressor power from 7,5 to 60 HP at positive and negative temperature ranges.

IntarPACK chillers have been developed for outdoor installation to operate under extreme ambient conditions and feature acoustic insulated components for lower noise level.

  • High power in a compact design.
  • ››Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC.
  • ››Acoustic isolated hermetic compressors.
  • ››Minimum maintenance needs, with easy access through folding panels.
  • ››Inbuilt brazed plates heat exchanger.
  • ››Operation with glycol water and brine..
  • ››Inbuilt hydraulic circuit (as an option).

Refrigeration Chillers – Suitable Applications

We supply these quality industrial chillers to contractors working mainly in the close control field such as clean rooms, specialist storage (pharmaceuticals) and hospital operating theatres. Indeed, in almost any situation where temperature and humidity has to be controlled very closely. Generally, we would supply the refrigeration chiller unit(s) and the contractor would supply the bespoke cooling coils and ducting required.

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