Commercial Monoblock Units


Self-contained compact refrigeration units for wall-mounting installation in small cold rooms at positive and negative temperature. Available in standard, centrifugal and high performance versions, with drop-in or plug-in mounting through the cold room wall.


Self-contained compact refrigeration units for roof-top installation in small cold rooms at positive and negative temperature. Available in standard and centrifugal versions, with mounting on the roof of the cold room.

Suitable Applications:  These units are normally used with small cold rooms (both chill and freezer) to a maximum of 40m3. Ideal for small restaurants, small pharmacies, fast food outlets, small independent apple growers, bait storage for fishermen (crab, lobster and line caught small enterprises). The units are easy to install, require no specialist skills, no condensate drain, just a mains power supply. They can also be supplied with a centrifugal fan so the hot discharge air can be ducted to an outside wall if required.

  • Tropicalised design for high ambient temperature up to 45°C.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Hot gas defrosting with evaporator temperature control.
  • Fast-freezing function.
  • Easy and quick mounting on the cold room wall.
  • Centrifugal versions for a ducted outlet of condenser’s hot air.
  • intarblock high performance version for a higher efficiency, a lower running cost and an environmentally friendly operation.

Download Commercial Monoblock Units Pdf for more details