Sandwich Panels and Space Tourism

Today we are whisking you off away from the world of cold rooms and refrigeration and into the world of Caribbean islanders – to Curacao. Sunshine, beautiful beaches and a wonderfully consistent warm climate make Curacao an attractive tourist destination – but we don’t sell holidays, so why should we be promoting a sun-drenched Caribbean […]

Wine Storage – Climate Controlled Storage

In a recent blog post we talked about the importance of climate controlled storage for museums and today we are going to delve further into the realm of climate control. Temperature and humidity play a vital role in the life of all species on the planet but in terms of everyday human life, these two […]

Refrigeration Plant Delivery

Refrigeration is our passion and, for us, the world of refrigeration plant is always exciting. New customers and new installations bring new challenges and there’s always a few more miles on the clock for those all important client meetings. Our cold room travels post offers an insight into that aspect of our ‘cold’ world! One […]