Cold Room Size Matters – The Ministore Small Storage Unit

The size of cold rooms is a subject that we could talk about all day. With many years of experience in the design and installation of refrigeration systems, we have seen virtually every type and size of cold room and freezer room that you could imagine. The scope is enormous as exemplified in these 2 projects we were involved in:

1. A massive automated freezer warehouse for Unilever (Gloucester, England)  Height: 34 metres
2. Ministore small cold room units for Domino’s Pizza (UK)  Height: 2.14 metres

Now that’s what you call a height differential!

The Small Cold Room

Ministore Small Cold Room

Ministore small cold room

There is a saying “Small Is Beautiful” which is generally used to sing the praises of small technologies that empower people. This sums up the Ministore perfectly and is the subject of today’s post. The ’empowerment’ that this small cold room offers is quite amazing and it is all because of a 4 key factors:

Practicality – this is a quick assembly cold room, easy to move and offering easy access (central door handle system with cylinder lock and emergency release)

Solid Build – the tongue-and-groove construction using quality materials means it is built to last; also has cold-bridge free hook fasteners and an isotherm door with smooth rubber gaskets

Versatile – the Ministore can be used for the refrigerated storage of many everyday things including flowers, fish, meats and vegetables. It is also popular with the medical and scientific sectors (hospitals, labs). We have even supplied this small size of cold room for storing carbon fibre rolls used in the construction of Formula 1 racing cars. Offering hygienic and maximum storage within a compact housing, it is also ideal the ideal cold room solution for private use and we are seeing an ever increasing level of interest from homeowners.

Flexible Design – different standard sizes available (with or without floor, for positive/negative temperatures) with options of door sizes/types (wider door of 920mm instead of 700mm) or a glass door with double-glazing or even insulated hatches.

As of March this year, the Ministore became available with the option of an increased external height – 2400mm to be precise. This, we believe, now makes this a small cold room unrivalled in quality and flexibility. What’s more, we have 2 great options of small packaged refrigeration units to compliment the Ministore:

Intarsplit packaged refrigeration

Intarsplit packaged refrigeration

  • Intarsplit – a split system that offers accessibility to components, low noise option, oversized condenser block for hot countries
  • Intarpack – a condensing unit line that comprises capacity from 5 to 75 kW. Totally enclosed condensing units for outdoor installation (on the ground or roof). Popular where you need to be mindful of noise (down to 39 dBA at 10 m with the low noise option). Also a great option if you need to operate under extreme outdoor temperatures.

For more information or if you would  like a no-obligation quotation for an individual small cold room package please contact us today. You will have the benefit of over 30 years’ experience in the cold room business (our Technical Director Mr Allen Strange) to help you make the right choice. We look forward to hearing from you.