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Freezer mobile shelving newsEpidemiology Freezer Mobile Shelving

Cambridge University recently asked us for help to increase freezer storage capacity in one of their medical research departments: The MRC Epidemiology Department which investigates ways to improve human health.

The solution we provided was the installation of a mobile shelving system which provided no less than 300% more storage capacity.

What was particularly satisfying to learn is that the Deparment has a number of its staff actively engaged in helping with research into the pandemic. So, once more, our supplies are playing their part in helping to overcome the crisis.

pharmaceuticals storage room constructionPharmaceuticals Storage

January 2022 – This photo was taken recently by the leader of our supply and installation team during the construction of a large pharmaceuticals storage facility in Scotland. Now complete, the structure is some 4,300 m3 in size. To give you some idea of what that means, we’ve worked out that it would house no less than 18 double decker London buses! (A typical bus being 237m3)

The construction is just one of several new climate controlled storage rooms which we have been commissioned to supply for Roylance Pharma. This order alone will keep us busy well into 2022! Read more about climate controlled storage that we can supply.

Test Chambers Export Order

As reported previously in our Cold Room News, we are currently seeing a bigger demand for our services from the pharmaceutical and environmental testing sectors. Not only here in the UK but also overseas. The scale of the companies who approach us has also expanded.

One such company is Weiss-Technik in Germany, a world market leader in environmental simulation systems. They assist manufacturers who need to know that their products can withstand a range of temperatures and humidity in different environments. So we were delighted when, a few months ago, their order came in for two environmental test chambers which have since been shipped to Germany.

Lalaboratory climate controlled roomboratory Climate Controlled Rooms

December 2021 – During the pandemic we have supplied a number of companies in the pharmaceuticals and medical research sectors with environmental test chambers and climate controlled storage rooms. Many of these companies are currently playing a vital role in bringing the pandemic to an end.

A good example is Thermo Fisher Scientific to whom we have supplied 5 climate controlled rooms in recent months. Their scientific expertise is in services such as cell biology (genome editing, cell line engineering) but, most relevant to the pandemic, is their development of a PCR diagnostic kit that “enables clinical and public health laboratories to quickly diagnose COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

wild food

Totally Wild Food Storage

Cold storage for food has always played a big part in our commercial cold rooms business. During 2021 it has become apparent just how much the food market has expanded. Recently we were asked to supply a large cold storage room for Totally Wild Foods.

Totally Wild Foods is British company comprising a team of professional foragers. They offer foraging courses, guides, online learning and books. They’ve published some incredible wild food recipes too with ingredients like wild garlic, hogweed, acorns, burdock root and cherry blossom!  Exciting to discover yet another application for our cold rooms.

Scotland landscape

Deer Larder Scotland

Scotland is famous for its wonderful highlands, valleys and forests and deer have been a ‘staple’ of the Scottish landscape for centuries.

So our interest was peaked recently when we were asked to supply a deer larder and prep room for Fairburn Estate in Scotland. A country estate with a fascinating history, Fairburn has its own deer population. So, having good meat preparation and storage facilities plays a vital role in the management of the estate. We were also pleased to be of service in a similar way to Ardvar Estates, also in Scotland. Read more about the commercial cold rooms we can supply.

commercial bakery

Dough Retarder

October 2021 – A dough retarder might not seem an obvious item in our supply chain as cold room specialists, but essentially it is a bespoke type of cold room. Commercial bakeries all use dough retarders and dough proofers. Over the years we have supplied both types of this specialist food preparation equipment and 2021 has been no exception.

Recently, we supplied a new dough retarder to the highly respected and long-established, English bakers Pruden’s Bakery in Hertfordshire. A far-reaching wholesale service (over 3 English counties), Pruden’s is a family business which has been baking bread commercially for almost a century (est 1928). So, if anyone knows how to bake bread they do!

Mobile Shelving Success

With increasing sales to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, the Optima range of mobile shelving is proving itself well beyond the usual cold room user market.

The option of lockable wheels (trolley version) is also in big demand for event caterers and commercial kitchens.

The added choice of sloping shelving for display use has delivered another surprise, proving a hit with many food retailers including greengrocers and even chocolatiers!

So if you are looking for practical and space saving cold room shelving just contact us.

Call 01582 842405 or email

cold room heater matsCold Room Frost Prevention & Monitoring

Our new and improved frost heave heater mats offer much more than frost heave prevention!

With underfloor monitoring via web interface, any abnormal temperature rises can be detected plus there are additional health and safety benefits for cold room personnel.

Read more here.

Refrigeration Success In Nuremberg

Bavaria in October can mean different things to different people. For some it  might be the world-famous, annual Munich Oktoberfest but for us, as dedicated refrigeration and cold room specialists, it meant travelling to Bavaria after the beer festival and taking part in some exciting refrigeration discussions! Certainly a worthwhile trip.

Read our Refrigeration Systems News From Nuremberg report, a special feature in our Cold Rooms Blog.

low noise condensing unit by Intarcon

Outdoor installation of low noise unit


As the exclusive UK agents of Intarcon refrigeration systems, we were delighted to be in Nuremberg, Germany for one of Europe’s biggest refrigeration industry events lasting no less than 3 days. We were able to demonstrate some of the best refrigeration equipment currently on the market and were privileged to have some of the most experienced refrigeration experts on hand for one-to-one discussions.

It proved to be a great opportunity for many visitors to the Intarcon stand and we were delighted to be able to help with so many serious commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. Click here to read more on our cold rooms blog about how we approached this exciting event.

sliding doors

Isonomic Sliding Doors

Cold Room Doors

Some great news for cold room customers! As a leading cold room supplier we are committed to providing a premium quality product. This applies to our cold room panels and also to our range of insulated doors and cold room accessories. We have an exciting new range of insulated sliding doors for which CE Certification was recently awarded.

What does this mean? Our cold room customers in the UK and Europe now have an even greater choice of options and that can only be good news for their cold storage needs.

Ministore Cold Room

Small Cold Room

Small Cold Rooms

Even more news! Our small cold room the Ministore is now available with an external height of 2400mm. Moving across to our larger, standard camlock commercial cold rooms these are now available with 120mm and 180mm thickness cold room panels.

These latest developments mean our customers can enjoy even greater confidence in our ability to provide them with a cold room specification to meet their requirements. So if you are looking for a cold room, whether small or a standard commercial size or even a more complex custom requirement, contact us today. Our Technical Director Allen Strange has many years of expertise in the cold room industry making us the people to talk to when it comes to cold rooms!

Modular home build (Curacao 2013)

Construction team members with Technical Director Allen Strange on completion of another modular home

Modular Housing Construction

The first of 13 single storey, low cost modular homes for the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The project was initiated after a meeting with Curacao local government in order to fulfil a housing need on the island. The key element of the project was to deliver a combination of quality with affordability and we knew we had the answer with our specialized system using polyurethane injected metal sandwich panels.

Previous success with this system in a number of countries meant that we could design and build what was required with confidence. The project set-up would be short and assembly relatively easy.

Site clearance and ground preparation complete, we have just built the first of 13 single storey units which offer a high standard of comfort but with low maintenance. It is also the only project in the island to have its own sewage treatment plant (opposed to the usual form of septic tank).