Opening Doors To Cold Room Success

We can offer a wide range of doors that install easily into sandwich panels – from cold rooms to clean rooms, offices and factory buildings. Click here to read our introductory page on insulated doors which will give you an idea of the many options available.

cold room door example in green

Door To Cold Storage Room

In the case of cold rooms which is what today’s post is about, the doors needed might be for a chilled or frozen storage room or a food preparation facility within a factory or warehouse. As a leading cold room supplier, we have to know what it takes to build an effective, temperature controlled storage facility, irrespective of the size and application that a customer has in mind. Cold room doors are a good example of this.

In the design and build of a cold room you have to identify a few criteria first before deciding what kind of door to install. Should the doors be hinged or sliding? What thickness should they be? What degree of moisture is there likely to be present in the cold room? Is the temperature control range in the room going to be positive or negative temperature?

Cold Room Door Choices

The standard type of door that suits many cold rooms is hinged with door handles. We can offer 2 types – the PFD (for positive temperatures) and PDD type (for negative temperatures) and both in different thickness. Both types are semi-rebated doors with lacquered steel plate on both sides, although we can offer stainless steel if a customer prefers. They are moisture and corrosion resistant with a low linear expansion coefficient and low thermal conductivity.

Refrigerated doors

Refrigeration Doors

As such they are particularly popular within the food processing industry (meats, fish, cheese, dairy etc). Being easy to install, easy to use and maintenance-free, we find that our customers do not go door shopping anywhere else once they have had this type of cold room door installed.

If your sphere of business is not in the food processing sector yet you have refrigerated facilities to build or maintain, then other sections of our insulated doors range may well suit your needs. From flip-flap doors to office and factory doors, sliding doors (both light and heavy), speed roller and fire resistant doors we can offer you not only a premium quality product but many years of expertise to help you make the right choice.

View our main doors page and the links from there should take you to the type of door you require. If you cannot find what you are looking for or are not sure which type of door you need, you can always visit our doors gallery or simply contact us for a no-obligation discussion. Please have the details of your requirements to hand to save time and we will be happy to help.