Keeping The Noise Low: Refrigeration Condensing Units

As a leading cold room supplier we know only too well the value of effective, reliable refrigeration condensing units.

Let’s look for example at the types of business where small to medium size cold room operations play a vital role โ€“ what we call commercial refrigeration as opposed to industrial level. These include small shops, small supermarkets and medium sized food retailers.

Supermarket refrigerationThe range of products being stored or processed in their cold rooms might include frozen meat, frozen fish, cheese and even spices.

For all of the above applications, efficient refrigeration condensing units are a must. However, it’s not just about quality and reliability. Many of the types of business we have referred to are located near residential areas. Small supermarkets for example have to be close to the people whom they serve – and that can be a problem because of noise levels.

Noise nuisance is a majjor issue in the 21st century. Many people lead a stressful life so the one thing they need is peace and quiet when they get home. Whilst it is only natural that people want their local food suppliers to be close at hand, noisy cold rooms disturbing the local peace is not a price they are happy to pay! That is where low noise refrigeration condensing units come in – and where we can help ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sigilus air-cooled, low noise refrigeration unit provides the ideal solution for outdoor installation. Small to medium sized cold storage facilities near residential areas are the perfect scenario for the Sigilus.

Sigilus condensing unitHere are just a few of the key points that make the Sigilus one of the most silent of refrigeration condensing units on the market today:

  • From just 0.5 to 10 HP
  • Built-in control board
  • Electronic or electromechanical options
  • Triple acoustic insulation
  • Tropicalized design (extreme ambient temperature performance up to 50 ยบC)

What’s more, it’s not only cold rooms that can benefit from this quality low-noise unit. Test chambers used by specialist manufacturers can also be added to the list. From the processing of pharmaceutical products to the carbon fibre testing for Formula One racing cars. Now that’s what we can a wide range of application!

If you have a requirement for refrigeration plant of any kind including low-noise and tropicalized options click here for more information or simply contact us with details of what you are looking for. Our Technical Director Allen Strange is on hand to lend the benefit of 30 years in the refrigeration industry not only in the UK but many countries around the world.