Dough Retarder, Deer Larder, Foraged Food Storage

As a cold room specialist we get asked to supply an incredibly diverse size and range of commercial cold rooms. Pharmaceutical, automotive and research/testing conglomerates all figure amongst our clients and the food sector has always been a major factor in our client database. The likes of Aldi, Tesco and MacDonalds have all benefited from […]

Cold Room Talk: Dough Proofing & Spanish Oranges

Since the start of the year we have had some interesting discussions with cold room customers and our travels have taken us to some equally interesting places. So we thought we would share with you today some of our ‘cold room talk’ which brings home the diversity of the business we are in. Cold Room […]

Cold Room Monitoring With Heater Mats

All cold storage facilities can suffer performance issues from time to time so it’s important to have a good cold room monitoring system in place. If the cold room is constructed of quality panels such as the European manufactured, modular coldĀ  room panels that we are privileged to supply and if the installation was done […]