Telescope Cooling – Out Of This World Refrigeration Chillers

If you think refrigeration is dull and unexciting, think again! Today we have a story about a most unusual refrigeration plant installation. One that most people will never have heard of before. It is not only ‘cool’ (forgive the pun) but quite ‘out of this world’ – read on, check out the photographs and you […]

The Defrosting Challenge – From Cold Storage To Glaciers

When it comes to defrosting our Technical Director Allen Strange has just about seen it all. Over more than 30 years he has been involved in the design and installation of a vast range of refrigeration technology from large industrial cold stores and freezer warehouses to commercial chillers and freezer rooms and small, compact cold […]

Keeping The Noise Low: Refrigeration Condensing Units

As a leading cold room supplier we know only too well the value of effective, reliable refrigeration condensing units. Let’s look for example at the types of business where small to medium size cold room operations play a vital role – what we call commercial refrigeration as opposed to industrial level. These include small shops, […]