Keeping The Noise Low: Refrigeration Condensing Units

As a leading cold room supplier we know only too well the value of effective, reliable refrigeration condensing units. Let’s look for example at the types of business where small to medium size cold room operations play a vital role – what we call commercial refrigeration as opposed to industrial level. These include small shops, […]

Opening Doors To Cold Room Success

We can offer a wide range of doors that install easily into sandwich panels – from cold rooms to clean rooms, offices and factory buildings. Click here to read our introductory page on insulated doors which will give you an idea of the many options available. In the case of cold rooms which is what […]

Cold Room Size Matters – The Ministore Small Storage Unit

The size of cold rooms is a subject that we could talk about all day. With many years of experience in the design and installation of refrigeration systems, we have seen virtually every type and size of cold room and freezer room that you could imagine. The scope is enormous as exemplified in these 2 […]