Modular Housing Project News

As our regular readers know, cold rooms are not the only application for our polyurethane insulation panels. Modular building is another use. In January we shared the news of a special modular housing project that we had been commissioned to supply.  Given that the location was the Caribbean, this was going to be no ordinary […]

Sandwich Panel Shipping

The importance of sandwich panels in our business cannot be understated. From external wall cladding for warehouse construction through to modular cold room design and more, there is a vast range of uses for sandwich panels and because of that variety there are many different types and specifications of panel. When it comes to sandwich […]

Modular Home Design Provides Caribbean Comfort

If you read our Latest News section then you will already know about our recent modular homes work on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Today we would like to share a little insight into the background of that and delve into the detail with a few photos taken on site. First of all, why modular […]