Warehouse Cladding & The Food Industry

Warehouse cladding for the food processing sector is something we know a lot about. Strength, integrity and insulation are key properties that the cladding panels must have. So it is logical that construction companies, consultants and architects all look to using premium quality panels manufactured to a very high standard. That has been our experience […]

Sandwich Panel Shipping

The importance of sandwich panels in our business cannot be understated. From external wall cladding for warehouse construction through to modular cold room design and more, there is a vast range of uses for sandwich panels and because of that variety there are many different types and specifications of panel. When it comes to sandwich […]

Temperature Controlled Storage & Ancient Olive Trees

Having a passion for temperature controlled storage takes our Technical Director Allen Strange to some fascinating places. Whenever that happens we remind him to take his camera! Recently he travelled to Italy for discussions with a customer about the supply of new cold rooms. Now that may not sound very interesting … but this was […]