Sandwich Panel Shipping

The importance of sandwich panels in our business cannot be understated. From external wall cladding for warehouse construction through to modular cold room design and more, there is a vast range of uses for sandwich panels and because of that variety there are many different types and specifications of panel. When it comes to sandwich panels, experience, expertise and production quality are key factors and we are fortunate in being able to offer our customers all of these.

As some readers of our blog will know, we have recently been involved in the supply and construction of modular homes on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao. In a previous blog post we shared photographs of the various stages of the project right from the start of site clearance through to a view of the first homes nearing completion. You can view them here.

Today we thought we would give you an insight into the background of what happens in order to make this affordable housing possible. On this particular project, we are working in partnership with a local company, with the former arranging direct shipment of the panels from the factory in Italy and then shipping the doors, windows, frames and associated parts separately from the UK. The local company then receives both shipments on site ready for installation. The process has so far has worked extremely well and we are delighted with the team effort that has been generated. Every link in the chain of supply has to be strong – from our partners in manufacturing to our UK Head Office personnel to the local construction team plus a variety of transportation links in between (road and sea).

The following selection of photographs gives an idea of the team work that goes into a typical export supply of sandwich panels and  related fixtures – something we have done many times over the years!

Photograph 1 – With the panels already on the water from Italy to the Caribbean, this photograph shows the doors, windows, frames and other fixtures packed and ready outside our UK offices, awaiting loading into a separate shipping container.

sandwich panels await loading

Photo 1

Photograph 2 – We begin loading the consignment ensuring everything is correctly and safely stored for the forthcoming Atlantic crossing.

forklift loading sandwich panels

Photo 2

Photograph 3 – Some frames being loaded individually.

more container loading

Photo 3

Photograph 4 – On site in Curacao, the consignment is offloaded from the container. Look between the 2 houses and you will see the container.

sandwich panels arrive on site

Photo 4

Photograph 5 – View from across the other end of the site showing the consignment offloaded; behind are four of the first modular homes already constructed.

site view with panels offloaded

Photo 5

Photograph 6 – Construction personnel begin the task of assessing which items are required on different parts of the site in readiness for installation.

Assessing of consignment in Curacao

Photo 6