Dough Retarder, Deer Larder, Foraged Food Storage

As a cold room specialist we get asked to supply an incredibly diverse size and range of commercial cold rooms. Pharmaceutical, automotive and research/testing conglomerates all figure amongst our clients and the food sector has always been a major factor in our client database. The likes of Aldi, Tesco and MacDonalds have all benefited from […]

Cocoa Bean Storage – Temperature Controlled Is Key

Today we bring together 3 subjects – temperature controlled storage, cocoa beans and Venezuela. First of all, the Venezuela connection. Working with us on a number of projects to date in the Caribbean and South American continent is a company based in Venezuela. Put Venezuela into the search box on our blog and you will […]

Temperature Controlled Storage & Ancient Olive Trees

Having a passion for temperature controlled storage takes our Technical Director Allen Strange to some fascinating places. Whenever that happens we remind him to take his camera! Recently he travelled to Italy for discussions with a customer about the supply of new cold rooms. Now that may not sound very interesting … but this was […]