Monoblock Refrigeration Units

Monoblock is an unusual word which has different meanings. In the context of cold rooms and refrigeration it relates to air conditioning and when it comes to monoblock refrigeration units our current range is amongst the best in Europe. We can supply quality monoblock units for both commercial and industrial use, all manufactured by Intarcon […]

Cold Room Panels Installation

As leading suppliers of cold room panels, we have been asked to fulfil many cold storage installation projects over the years. The scale of the cold room builds has varied enormously from large commercial cold storage (chillers and freezers) to small, modular cold room facilities such as for bakeries, labs and pharmacies. The real need […]

Cold Room Suppliers & Bavarian Fairytales

As one of the leading, established cold room suppliers in the UK and possessing over 30 years of experience in cold storage and refrigeration, our Technical Allen Strange is in great demand. Allen travels extensively both here on the UK mainland and overseas to assist customers with their cold room needs. So it is only […]