Monoblock Refrigeration Units

Monoblock is an unusual word which has different meanings. In the context of cold rooms and refrigeration it relates to air conditioning and when it comes to monoblock refrigeration units our current range is amongst the best in Europe.

We can supply quality monoblock units for both commercial and industrial use, all manufactured by Intarcon for whom we are privileged to act as sole UK agents. If you would like to know more about our relationship with this major European manufacturer, you can read our special refrigeration systems feature which was written following a very successful trade fair exhibition in Germany.

Monoblock Refrigeration Choices

Intarcon Commercial Compact Units

Commercial Compact Refrigeration Units

The choice of refrigeration unit will depend upon the size and use of the cold room.

Commercial Monoblock Units

Small cold rooms up to 40m3 in size (both chillers and freezers) used by fast food shops, fish and chip shops, small restaurants and pharmacies would be best suited to using what we call commercial, compact monoblock units.

We have 2 types of unit: the Intarblock for mounting on the cold room wall and the Intartop for roof mounting. The installation of either of these requires no specialized skills so it’s an easy install. More detailed information and brochure pdf can be found on our commercial monoblock units page.

** Walk In Cold Room + Monoblock Refrigeration Package – if you are in the UK and looking for a small cold room with monoblock refrigeration, take advantage of our current fantastic deal which also includes shelving. Offer subject to availability and only valid whilst stocks last.

One customer who took advantage of this offer was featured in our cold room and refrigeration blog recently – see this cold room installation post. There was, however, one variation to the standard specification that they required and that was a custom supply door to accommodate the size of their IBCs. Part of that cold room supply, however, and most relevant to this post was the monoblock refrigeration unit we installed which will play an important part in the optimum performance of the cold room.

Industrial Monoblock Units

Superblock Industrial Monoblock

Superblock Industrial Monoblock

Larger cold rooms obviously require a different type of refrigeration unit. Our premier, industrial monoblock unit is called the Superblock and provides an ideal solution for many large cold storage operators. First of all, Superblock is quick and easy to install. Secondly, it is an environmentally friendly and low noise refrigeration unit.

Many businesses using large scale, temporary cold storage find this the perfect solution for their monoblock refrigeration needs. Superblock is also the solution for large cold room operators looking for a retrofit refrigeration unit.

To compliment our range of monoblock units, we also have split refrigeration systems, condensing units, evaporating units and refrigeration chillers for the close control field.

Click here to visit our refrigeration plant page where you will find links to every one of these types of refrigeration. If you have any queries as to which refrigeration units are best suited to your needs, please call us on 01582 471600 and we will be delighted to clarify and explain your best options.