Cold Room Suppliers & Bavarian Fairytales

As one of the leading, established cold room suppliers in the UK and possessing over 30 years of experience in cold storage and refrigeration, our Technical Allen Strange is in great demand. Allen travels extensively both here on the UK mainland and overseas to assist customers with their cold room needs. So it is only natural that we should feature some of his travels in our cold rooms blog this year. These include:

In addition visiting customers, our senior personnel sometimes attend exhibitions and seminars. A good example of this was the big Chillventa event in Nuremberg, Bavaria in October (see our blog feature here).

Today we can share with you some photographs taken whilst on that trip to Bavaria – photographs you might not normally associate with cold room suppliers! Having chosen to stay in a small Bavarian town called Velburg they found it very characterful and took the following photographs ….

townhall rathaus velburg

Velburg Town Hall (Rathaus)


Distinctive Bavarian Architecture in Velburg

Distinctive Bavarian Architecture in Velburg


Velburg B&B With Fairtyale Name

Hansel & Gretel Guesthouse

Q: Is there a link between these photographs and our UK business?
A: Yes! The connection is ‘passion’. That may sound a little strange (apologies for the pun Allen!) but we think that our passion for cold rooms and refrigeration is on a level that compares to Bavaria’s passion for fairy tales.

Bavaria is synonymous with fairy tales, from the fairytale castles built by King Ludwig II to the fairy tales and legends that came from the region:

  • King Ludwig II’s fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein is probably the most famous castle in the world. A lover of fairy tales himself, Ludwig wanted an authentic style castle in the tradition of legendary German knights that he had read so much about.
  • In 2012 news broke that 500 new fairy tales had been found originating from Bavaria. The man who had collected them was Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, a man that history seemed (until now) to have forgotten, but who was recognised by one of the Brothers Grimm for his accurate and sensitive work in collecting them.

The Brothers Grimm themselves did not originate from Bavaria but that doesn’t seem to have bothered the owners of the guesthouse in Velburg (photographed above), who chose to name their premises ‘Hansel & Gretel’, the most famous of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. Clearly everyone in Velburg and possibly Bavaria as a whole believes in fairy tales 🙂

If you are involved in refrigeration and cold storage and your idea of a fairy tale is finding a good, reliable cold room supplier, then you just might have found the ‘happy ending’ you’re looking for. Call us on 01582 471600 to talk about our range of cold rooms and how we can help fulfil your needs.