Cold Room Panels Installation

As leading suppliers of cold room panels, we have been asked to fulfil many cold storage installation projects over the years. The scale of the cold room builds has varied enormously from large commercial cold storage (chillers and freezers) to small, modular cold room facilities such as for bakeries, labs and pharmacies. The real need […]

Get It Right With Cold Room Sliding Doors

Cold room doors play a big part in the success of cold storage facilities, of that there’s no doubt. Quality of door manufacture plus supplier know-how are probably the most crucial factors and this is where our business comes into its own. Cold room specialists for over 30 years, we have a wealth of experience […]

The Flip-Flap Of Cold Room Doors

In our post entitled ‘Opening Doors To Cold Room Success‘ we delved into the criteria of what makes a good, quality, temperature controlled storage facility and explained how doors play an important part in the overall scheme of things. We talked about the standard type of cold room doors which are most commonly used by […]