Mortuary Chambers

Mortuary chamber of modular panel design

Modular panel mortuary chamber

Our modular room panels are ideal for use in the design and construction of mortuary chambers and refrigerated mortuary cabinets.

We have supplied mortuary chambers to UK hospital mortuary facilities and undertakers for many years. These include major hospitals such as Guy’s Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital in London.

We have also supplied consignments of these special cabinets for use by British military forces overseas (Army, Navy and the RAF) as well as NATO.

Hospitals, undertakers and the military all have different requirements and the modular panel design of the mortuary chambers we supply makes it easier to quote for a client’s needs.

mortuary chamber doorsMortuary Chamber Cabinet Specifications & Sizes

Freezer Chambers (not just chill)
Combination Chambers (chill and freezer together)
Standard or Obese Chambers
Hinged Doors (for standard loading)
Side Loading Doors (for where space is limited)

Chambers can be up to as many as 4 body chambers high.
With a single door or individual doors.

Chamber Finish Options

All white
Stainless steel exterior + white interior
Stainless steel exterior + stainless steel interior
(Custom colours may be possible – a previous supply required NATO green finish)

If you would like further information on the options of mortuary chambers and refrigerated mortuary cabinets we can offer please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

We have many years of experience and expertise in the supply of specialized refrigeration systems and modular panels. Visit our client portfolio page for some examples of who, what and where we have supplied.

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