Mobile Shelving Systems & Medical Research

Medical Freezer Mobile Shelving

Cambridge University is renowned the world over for its scientific achievements, especially in the field of medical research. One notable department at the university is the MRC Epidemiology Department whose scientists work tirelessly to find ways of improving human health. They investigate a wide range of metabolic disorders.

medical researchSuch is the level of expertise within the Department that a number of its staff are currently helping directly with the COVID-19 crisis in clinical, public health and lab testing settings. More on that here. So, when we were asked to come up with a solution to increase freezer storage capacity within the Department we were delighted to be able to help.

The solution was not to supply an additional freezer unit but to install a mobile shelving system within the existing freezer. Typically used in many commercial cold rooms, this mobile shelving was the perfect option, providing an additional 300% storage capacity. Here is a photograph we took after installation.

Mobile shelving system for lab freezerThis is an amazing space-saving system which increases not only freezer capacity but also efficiency. Here is a close-up of the tracks along which the mobile shelving wheels move.

Close-up of mobile shelving wheels in trackNOTE: The medical sector has figured extensively in our business over the years. We have supplied various departments of the NHS, the world-renowned Guy’s Hospital in London and one of the British Royal Navy’s medical facilities. You can read more about those supplies here. More recently, in 2021 we have assisted the likes of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Roylance Pharma, both of whom are working in areas relating to the pandemic.

Mobile Shelving System Uses

Mobile shelving is a brilliant space-saving solution for freezer rooms and cold rooms. It has been used widely for some years in the food and catering industries and increasing numbers of scientific and pharmaceutical facilities are now enjoying the same space-saving benefits. Installing mobile shelving into existing freezers and cold rooms is the option of choice for many facilities. We have also helped many warehouses operators to improve their storage capacity with this type of shelving system.

What is Mobile Shelving?

Basically, a mobile shelving system (or racking system as it’s sometimes called) is standard cold room shelving which is fitted with casters. These casters are housed within specially designed metal channels, allowing them to travel easily and smoothly when shelving needs to be moved.

Standard height of this type of shelving is 1800mm but it can go beyond that up to 2400mm if necessary. We can custom design a system according to your existing freezer or cold room specification. Mobile, modular and ergonomic, mobile shelving systems are now more in demand than ever before. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation to see if your business can benefit.