Get It Right With Cold Room Sliding Doors

Cold room doors play a big part in the success of cold storage facilities, of that there’s no doubt. Quality of door manufacture plus supplier know-how are probably the most crucial factors and this is where our business comes into its own. Cold room specialists for over 30 years, we have a wealth of experience in the cold storage sector and our current range of doors comes from a top quality European manufacturer (ISOBAR).

Previous blog posts relating to our insulated doors range have covered:

  • Standard cold room doors – hinged with handles, semi-rebated with lacquered steel plate or stainless steel both sides, preferred within the food industry. Click here to read about this type of cold room door.
  • ¬†Flip-flap doors – high quality specification, again favoured by the food industry but also popular for workshop facilities and moist rooms. Click here to read our flip-flap doors blog feature.

One type of door that we have not previously covered, however, is the cold room sliding door. When it comes to high quality and industrial scale cold store operations, heavy sliding doors are a common choice.

We can offer two choices of heavy sliding door for cold rooms:- the Isonomic and Isomatic range.
Both types of door are:

  • half-exposed type
  • cold bridge free (a very important consideration for large cold stores). If you are not familiar with cold bridge problems, click here to read more!
  • suitable for both positive and negative temperatures (different thicknesses apply)
cold room sliding door

Our sliding doors in a large food cold storage facility

The Isonomic sliding doors are available with a range of options including automatic version and safety lock.

The Isomatic sliding doors can also be automatic and partial opening lock is an option. The door leaf is manufactured from prefabricated Iso panels with a stainless steel door-leaf surround. More details available on our heavy sliding doors page.

Over the years we have supplied many high quality cold rooms (including doors) for the food industry. Our clients have included such food giants as Aldi, KFC, Kraft, MacDonalds, Tesco and Unilever.

If you would like more information on cold room doors or indeed a quotation for a complete cold room supply just contact us.

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