The Flip-Flap Of Cold Room Doors

In our post entitled ‘Opening Doors To Cold Room Success‘ we delved into the criteria of what makes a good, quality, temperature controlled storage facility and explained how doors play an important part in the overall scheme of things. We talked about the standard type of cold room doors which are most commonly used by cold storage operators – insulated doors with hinges and handles – and explained how our range of refrigeration doors is premium grade, European manufactured and, as such, offers the kind of options that we know cold storage facilities are looking for.

Cold Room Doors – Types

Today we are expanding on the theme of doors and covering a more specialised type of door – the flip-flap type. We can offer 2 basic types of flip-flap doors, insulated and polyethylene. Here is a brief summary of their key features:

insulated flip flap doorsInsulated Flip-Flap Doors
This is a high quality specification of door that is most suitable for use by food processing facilities where HACCP plays a crucial role. HACCP is the system from the Food Standards Agency which food business operators have to follow in order to achieve and maintain optimum levels of hygiene and safety. The link provided goes to the Food Standards Agency website where more information is available.

These flip-flap doors (pictured left) are not only easy to use but they are also maintenance-free.

The combination of factors as described above makes these doors a highly attractive option not only for the food industry sector but also moist rooms and workshops.

polyethelyne flip flap doorsPolyethylene Flip-Flap Doors
With a white polyethylene door leaf and a blue polyethylene door leaf jamb, these doors offer a high resistance against acids and fat as well as many cleaning products. So once again the food industry is one of our biggest customers for this type of door. Being maintenance-free and of quality, European manufacture and design these doors offer an option that is hard to beat.

For more information on both the above options please visit our flip-flap doors page. You can also click here to download the full pdf on our complete range of insulated doors where you will find these 2 flip-flap door types on pages 13 & 14.

If you are involved in the food industry and are considering improving or replacing the doors of your temperature controlled rooms and workshops, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to consider how best we can help you.