Refrigeration Systems News From Nuremberg

It’s been a busy month for us with refrigeration system promotion and sales.  As reported recently, we had been looking forward to attending Chillventa 2014 with our supplier, leading European manufacturer Intarcon. Well, with the show now over, we have been able to sit back and take stock of what happened over what turned out […]

A Greener Compact Refrigeration System

In our last blog post Oh For A Controlled Environment we talked about how refrigeration systems from the Intarcon range (for which we are the exclusive UK agents) are being developed to offer some of the best ‘green’ credentials in the current, commercial refrigeration market. This is all in the context of the new F […]

Oh For A Controlled Environment!

What’s the difference between a controlled environment and climate control? Well, you could argue that they are the same thing; essentially it’s all about the balance/effect of temperature and humidity. Everything on earth is affected by temperature and humidity, not just us humans but everything from cocoa beans to ancient museum artefacts. So it’s not […]