Get It Right With Cold Room Sliding Doors

Cold room doors play a big part in the success of cold storage facilities, of that there’s no doubt. Quality of door manufacture plus supplier know-how are probably the most crucial factors and this is where our business comes into its own. Cold room specialists for over 30 years, we have a wealth of experience […]

Intarcon Refrigeration Systems At Chillventa 2014

When it comes to refrigeration systems, Intarcon SL is the manufacturer of choice for many businesses. As a leading European manufacturer, Intarcon’s name has become synonymous with quality refrigeration systems which are noted for premium performance and reliability. This combination of factors makes them the unequivocal solution for a wide range of refrigeration applications, especially where […]

Cocoa Bean Storage – Temperature Controlled Is Key

Today we bring together 3 subjects – temperature controlled storage, cocoa beans and Venezuela. First of all, the Venezuela connection. Working with us on a number of projects to date in the Caribbean and South American continent is a company based in Venezuela. Put Venezuela into the search box on our blog and you will […]