Oh For A Controlled Environment!

What’s the difference between a controlled environment and climate control? Well, you could argue that they are the same thing; essentially it’s all about the balance/effect of temperature and humidity. Everything on earth is affected by temperature and humidity, not just us humans but everything from cocoa beans to ancient museum artefacts. So it’s not surprising that we have been asked, over the years, to quote for many different types of controlled environment, for different types of site and for very different end-users.

This is reflected by the fact that we have written no less than 5 controlled environment related blog posts so far this year and every one has been about a different application! Here they are in short summary with links in case you missed any of them:

Special Application Systems

Special Application Systems

Cocoa bean storage
Read about the importance of controlled environment storage for cocoa beans. Without it there would be a lot less chocolate to go round!

Olive oil storage
Featuring some amazing, ancient olive trees photographed by our Technical Director when visiting an olive oil production plant.

Wine storage systems
NOTE: We have some special application systems with temperature and humidity control (photo right). These have been specially designed for the preservation of bottled wine in cellars. You can read more here

Controlled environment for pharmaceuticals
A case study from 2013 when we were commissioned to design, supply and install a highly specialized controlled environment for a pharmaceutical company.

Museum exhibits storage
The story of our involvement in supplying a specialized controlled environment for the British Museum.

climate change summit speech

DiCaprio at Climate Change Summit 2014

Moving on to a larger and indeed the biggest scale that we can imagine, there is the question of our planet’s climate control.  Concern about climate change has featured prominently in the news headlines this last week with Leonardo diCaprio attending the UN Climate Change Summit in New York. The actor, now a UN Envoy, spoke to world leaders and urged them to “make history or be vilified by it.” It is good to see continued, fresh discussion of the subject and new personalities taking to the political stage to encourage the debate.

Click here to read more about DiCaprio’s speech.

Here at Frimatec UK we take global warming seriously and welcomed the recent news that from January 2015 European legislation will usher in a new move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – the F Gas Directive. More on that soon!

On a lighter note, here is a photograph taken by our Technical Director Allen Strange on a visit to New Zealand earlier this year ….

seal in hot environment

Oh for a controlled environment!

Allen has a wealth of knowledge about climate controlled storage, having designed cold rooms and clean rooms for a vast array of commercial and industrial companies over the years. The subject is so ingrained into his consciousness that when he saw this seal out in the wild and suffering from the heat, he instantly captioned the photo in the only way he knew how 🙂