Refrigeration Systems News From Nuremberg

It’s been a busy month for us with refrigeration system promotion and sales.  As reported recently, we had been looking forward to attending Chillventa 2014 with our supplier, leading European manufacturer Intarcon. Well, with the show now over, we have been able to sit back and take stock of what happened over what turned out to be several incredibly busy days in Bavaria!

The first objective on arriving in Nuremberg was to set up the exhibition stand. Numerous packing cases which had been shipped from the Intarcon factory had to be accounted for and unpacked before we could think about the actual display. It was a great team effort and, as these photographs show, it all came together very easily and effectively. The Intarcon stand was without doubt one of the best refrigeration systems stands at the fair.

refrigeration system exhibition

Packing cases at the Intarcon Chillventa stand

Intarcon stand almost ready

Stand set up nears completion

refrigeration discussions

Visitors engage in refrigeration system discussions

Refrigeration System Discussions

Once set up and the doors of the show opened, we enjoyed 3 days of tremendous activity, receiving many visitors to the Intarcon stand. There were a few familiar faces (existing refrigeration clients who had chosen to come because of the opportunity of talking face to face with key personnel) but the majority were first time visitors who had not previously known about the Intarcon option for their refrigeration needs. There were enquiries for a wide range of refrigeration equipment including refrigeration chillers, condensing units, evaporating units, high temperature units and also some keen interest in refrigeration package system options for small cold rooms.

With equipment on demonstration and some of the most experienced refrigeration experts in Europe on hand to engage with visitors and answer their technical questions, the 3 day event proved to be a great success. Amongst the refrigeration ‘luminaries’ who were on the stand engaging with visitors at various times were our UK Technical Director Allen Strange and the CEO of the Intarcon Group. Our sincere thanks go to them and indeed to the other senior personnel from Intarcon who worked so tirelessly and with such enthusiasm to make this one of the best refrigeration experiences in the 2014 calendar year.