A Greener Compact Refrigeration System

In our last blog post Oh For A Controlled Environment we talked about how refrigeration systems from the Intarcon range (for which we are the exclusive UK agents) are being developed to offer some of the best ‘green’ credentials in the current, commercial refrigeration market. This is all in the context of the new F Gas Directive which aims to bring more responsibility to the use of refrigerants.

For anyone involved in cold rooms and refrigeration systems it is obviously important to be aware of the seemingly, ever-changing industry standards so we have dedicated a page to the subject of the F Gas Directive in its own right. The implications for the refrigeration industry as a whole are significant.

Compact Refrigeration System With R-134A

medium size cold room

The first sector of the cold storage market to have a benefit from ‘greener’ refrigeration systems is the commercial sector where small to medium sized cold rooms (up to 40m3) are used. (NB. We are talking about chill systems in this context not freezer). The kind of businesses using this type of chiller cold storage include fast food outlets, restaurants and pharmacies and the most popular type of refrigeration system they use in their cold rooms is self-contained and compact.

Thanks to the pro-active approach of leading European manufacturers Intarcon, we are delighted to be able to offer one of the ‘greenest’ options of compact refrigeration currently on the market. In line with the F Gas Directive, there are now 2 models of the Intarblock commercial compact refrigeration system which now carry R-134A refrigerant instead of R-404A. These are models MCV-NY-0010-3/8Hp and MCV-NY-3108/5Hp.

If you operate small to medium sized chill system cold rooms and are considering how and when to change to go ‘greener’ OR if you are looking to purchase new cold rooms of this type, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion. We will be happy to explain in more detail and quote for your requirements. Having just attended Chillventa 2014 we have talked about new refrigeration systems and little else for the last week!

NOTE: If you are looking for split systems or low noise condensing units for small to medium size cold stores, we have several suitable units in the Intarcon range which now carry R-134A refrigerant, again in line with the F Gas Directive. Just contact us to find out more.