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From Cold Room Manager To Spinning Star

If you contact our UK Head Office you will invariably get to speak to our Manager Mrs Anita Miller. A lady with many years of experience in cold room, clean room and industrial refrigeration supplies, there is little that she doesn’t know about the subject. Her enthusiasm for the company’s products and our international reputation […]

Modular Home Design Provides Caribbean Comfort

If you read our Latest News section then you will already know about our recent modular homes work on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Today we would like to share a little insight into the background of that and delve into the detail with a few photos taken on site. First of all, why modular […]

From Natural History to Engineering

Welcome to the world of polyurethane insulation panels – cold rooms, industrial refrigeration systems, environmental test chambers (clean rooms) and even low cost housing solutions. That’s the world we live in every day here at our main UK base and we hope this blog will afford you an insight into some of the more unusual […]