From Cold Room Manager To Spinning Star

If you contact our UK Head Office you will invariably get to speak to our Manager Mrs Anita Miller. A lady with many years of experience in cold room, clean room and industrial refrigeration supplies, there is little that she doesn’t know about the subject. Her enthusiasm for the company’s products and our international reputation can, however, mean that she works the occasional very long day. So to balance that out a little she goes ‘spinning’ and today she’s given us permission to share a great little ‘spinning’ story with you!

First of all, you might want to know what ‘spinning’ is. Basically it is indoor cycling done in a fitness studio where you and other ‘spinners’ are guided by an instructor to do different forms of workout from warm-up level through to steady up-tempo, sprints, climbs and cool-downs. What’s more it is all conducted to various settings of light and music so you become part of an ‘energized’ but fun atmosphere. You can read more about spinning here.

cold room company manager spinning

Spinning class doing cool down stretches

When Anita goes spinning she obviously wears the appropriate type of workout clothing. Recently she wanted to invest in sweatbands which her husband kindly purchased for her BUT not in the colour she would have chosen herself! Initially, she refrained from wearing them at her spinning class but then decided that she shouldn’t be shy, so after the afore-mentioned, long day at the office where she worked well into the evening sending quotations for cold room and refrigeration enquiries , she resolved to go spinning the next morning and that’s when she would wear her new headband and cuffs.

The next morning came, Anita went to her class, dressed in her workout clothes complete with bright pink headband and guess what greeted her as she climbed onto her bike? A BBC TV crew! Unbeknown to Anita and the rest of the spinning class, their BBC Local News programme had decided to do a feature about the leisure centre and just so happened to select that particular morning to go along and film it, with the importance on filming a class ‘in action’ …. Anita’s class! The program aired on tv that evening and thanks to her lovely pink headband, Anita was the most noticeable spinner in the sequence.

cold room company manager in spinning class

Chilling out away from cold room quotations

“It was great fun to be on tv” said Anita “but I think I’m better qualified to help cold room customers than to be a tv fitness star!”

So if you are looking for big commercial cold rooms or even a small cold room, when you contact Anita just remember her BBC TV credentials 🙂