Modular Home Design Provides Caribbean Comfort

If you read our Latest News section then you will already know about our recent modular homes work on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Today we would like to share a little insight into the background of that and delve into the detail with a few photos taken on site.

First of all, why modular home design? Well, the global demand for comfortable and affordable housing is on the increase but implementing expensive traditional construction methods is expensive and can be time-consuming.. Modular home design resolves these issues by offering short set-up time for the project as a whole and the units are comparatively easy to assemble. So it is no surprise that this type of housing is fast becoming a more attractive option for local government authorities.

Here are some photos taken on Curacao by our Technical Director and his staff during site clearance, ground preparation and initial assembly of the first modular homes for the project.

housing site clearance

The start of site clearance

housing site ground prep

Ground preparation progresses

modular home foundation

Foundation work

Concrete setting

Concrete setting

modular home design walls

Modular home starts to take shape

modular home roof assembly

Roof assembly

modular home almost complete

Windows and doors go in

We think you will agree that the difference between the first and last of these photographs is astounding and we firmly that provided the quality of design, materials and installation is of a high standard, then modular home design is one of the prime solutions available to assist with the world’s growing housing needs. So if you have a low cost housing requirement contact us today for more information.