Cold Room Talk: Dough Proofing & Spanish Oranges

Since the start of the year we have had some interesting discussions with cold room customers and our travels have taken us to some equally interesting places. So we thought we would share with you today some of our ‘cold room talk’ which brings home the diversity of the business we are in.

Cold Room For Dough Proofing

Five years ago we supplied a bakery with cold room panels to be used in the construction of a large dough proofer. The same bakery recently asked us to quote for another consignment of panels, this time for an even bigger dough proofer that they wanted to build. Why mention this? Well, it is a great example of how incredibly versatile cold room insulation panels are. A dough proofer that performs effectively is vital to the success of a commercial bakery. After the dough has first been chilled in a retarder, it is removed and put into a proofer where increased humidity allows the dough to react. Then it is ready to go into the ovens for baking. With humidity control being so important, good insulation is a must for any proofer. That’s where our quality cold room panels come in 🙂

Spanish Oranges

On a recent visit to the Intarcon refrigeration manufacturing plant in Lucena, Spain we were given a tour of some of the facilities and met key personnel including staff on the factory floor. It was impressive to see at close quarters the quality and commitment of those involved.

refrigeration factory for cold room units

Refrigeration factory floor

We also got to sample some of the local food and history of the area. Our main stop was Lucena for the refrigeration factory where we ate at a wonderful restaurant in a historic setting – a nunnery!


Stylish Spanish restaurant in historic setting

Cordoba was another stop where the mosque-cathedral made a big impression.

mosque cathedral cordoba

Cordoba’s mosque-cathedral

Malaga on the coast provided a third stop, very different from the others. These oranges growing on the seafront at Malaga made the refrigeration factory seem a million miles away!

malaga oranges

Oranges on Malaga seafront