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Controlled Environment For Pharmaceuticals

The phrase controlled environment may seem strange to some people but it has a ubiquitous influence on everyday life in the 21st century. With over 30 years of experience in controlled environment design and construction, we know first-hand just how important this field of specialist design really is. We have had the privilege of designing […]

Cold Room Travels – A Snow To Sun Pictorial

Cold Room Journeys Our work as suppliers of cold rooms takes us into all kinds of situations, countries and even climates. Sometimes, the ‘cold’ element of our work is readily brought home when we are out and about, such as the recent instance in Italy when members of our technical team were there during a […]

Climate Controlled Storage For Museum Exhibits

Within our cold rooms range we have climate controlled storage. This is a specialized type of cold room with some really diverse applications. One of these sprang to mind recently when we read that this year sees the British Museum celebrating its 255th year in existence. With a record number of visitors last year (some […]