Controlled Environment For Pharmaceuticals

The phrase controlled environment may seem strange to some people but it has a ubiquitous influence on everyday life in the 21st century. With over 30 years of experience in controlled environment design and construction, we know first-hand just how important this field of specialist design really is. We have had the privilege of designing premium quality solutions for the likes of IBM, Siemens and Procter & Gamble.

One of the most important uses of a controlled environment is in the pharmaceutical industry. The production of drugs requires the strictest of environmental conditions to ensure premium quality.  The manufacturing area must be clean and hygienic and the drug being produced must not suffer cross contamination from other drugs or other ‘particulate matter’. It’s all part of what is generally known as good manufacturing practice. Click here to read more on Wikipedia.

In 2013 we were awarded a contract to design, supply and install one such controlled environment for generic drug manufacture in the Caribbean. The facility required the temperature to be controlled at + 20 Deg C +/- 1 Deg C and at 50% humidity. With this type of project we prefer to be involved from start to finish and we were delighted that the client also wanted this. This allowed us to ensure that things were checked at every stage. Our project partners provided resources at the ‘local’ end of the chain whilst we sent out all the materials from Europe the facility’s construction. We also sent over a specialist to perform the installation on site. The build time for the facility was two months.

Controlled Environment Construction

Here is a selection of photographs taken during the installation which will give an idea of what was involved. All the main constituent parts are specialized design/manufacture including walls, ceiling system, door system and windows.

controlled environment exterior

Controlled Access

special window system for controlled environment

View through a specialized window

Controlled Room Interior

Interior Showing Specialized Door, Ceiling System & Refrigeration Plant

To read more about our expertise and experience in this sector click here to read our client portfolio and contact us if you have a query. Our Technical Director Allen Strange will be pleased to help with any detailed technical questions you might have.