Cold Room Travels – A Snow To Sun Pictorial

Cold Room Journeys

Our work as suppliers of cold rooms takes us into all kinds of situations, countries and even climates. Sometimes, the ‘cold’ element of our work is readily brought home when we are out and about, such as the recent instance in Italy when members of our technical team were there during a cold spell of weather to discuss new cold room solutions. The photo below taken through the car windscreen echoes just one word …. COLD!

cold room travels in snow

Italian snow on the road to cold room discussions

Conversely, only a few weeks later we had to travel to Venezuela for discussions with a client who wants us to build a highly specialized cold room. The weather was a far cry from the cold of Italy and here are photographs taken en route to their offices to show what we mean. Now that was a day when walking into a cold room store would have been really welcome!

venezuela cold room trip

Sun on the road to Venezuela

road to cold room client venezuela

Sunny, warm Venezuela

The cold room design and build project is for margarine storage and will include a robotic packaging and racking system with the facility itself circa 24,000 m3. Robotic and fully automated systems are becoming more commonplace in the food industry and we have the expertise and experience to provide a bespoke solution. (The history of robotics makes for fascinating reading)

Some years ago we were involved in a highly specialized project for Unilever in the UK – an automated freezer warehouse for the storage of tons of ice cream and other frozen foods. With a low oxygen environment the warehouse had to be fully automated with computers in control of everything. Ice cream pallets moving as if by magic with no humans in view! Working in  collaboration with the installer our role was the supply of the industrial panels (wall and ceiling) and given that the size of the facility was over 1million m3, there were a lot of panels involved.

The high quality cold room panels we supply have to date been installed in cold rooms in more than 40 countries and the food industry figures prominently in our portfolio of cold room clients which you can view here. In addition to Unilever we can also quote other food giants such as Aldi (supermarkets), Chiquita (banana ripening), Kraft (chocolates), MacDonalds and Tesco. If you have a requirement for cold rooms please contact us on (UK+44) 01532 471600 or email with details of the solution you are looking for. Wherever we may be at the time – from Italy to Venezuela – we will be delighted to hear from you and endeavour to be of help.