Sliding Doors (lightly insulated)

Slightly insulated sliding doors

Sliding Doors

The sliding door type PFE and PDE is produced with door leaf cores of 60mm (+ temp) or 100mm (- temp) injected PU foam insulation.

The operation of the door is in one fluent movement by Fermatic 2120 type rail system. Options are available for automatic operation and safety locks.

Options are available for automatic operation and safety locks.
for positive temperature: 60mm thickness
for negative temperature: 100mm thickness

Speed Roller Doors

Speed roller doors

Here are the key points of these specialist doors that we can provide:

  • Door membrane made from hard wearing durable material
  • Doors are supplied with adjustable speed variations to suit the clients requirements
  • Doors have automatic re-alignment in the event of drive thru or crash
  • Doors are available in 5 standard colours other colours can be supplied upon request
  • Doors are suitable for both high and low temperature applications, the low temperature version has 2 layers of membrane with a heated air gap and is tested to maintain -30 Deg C internal temp with a external face temperature of +25 Deg C
  • Doors can be supplied in various voltages depending on customers preference
  • Doors supplied with matching frame and can be a colour of customers choice

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