Flip-Flap Doors

insulated flip flap doorsInsulated Flip-Flap Doors

The flip-flap door type PEE and PED is produced with door leaf with a core of 40mm injected PU insulation and covered on both sides with lacquered steel plate.

These flip-flap doors are easy to use and free of maintenance and meet the high requirements of the food processing industry (HACCP).

The welded PVC frame simplifies the erection of the doors and can be placed on the inside or the outside. The doors are suitable for workshops and moist rooms

Types: PEE: One leaf and PED: Double leaf

Flip Flap insulated doorsPolyethylene Flip-Flap Doors

The flip-flap doors type N and P is produced with a white polyethylene door leaf of 15mm thickness which is secured to a blue polyethylene door leaf jamb of 42mm.

The flip-flap door type “N” is extremely resistant against fat, acids and most cleaning products. The door has a functional design and high durability and maintenance free.

Types: N: One leaf and ND: Double leaf

For the flip-flap doors type UFT and UFTD the polyethylene door leaf is secured over the whole length into a stainless steel tube profile, which serves as the hinge. The flip-flap door type ‘T’ is extremely resistant to fat, acids and cleaning products the door has a functional design, high durability and maintenance free.

Types:  UFT: One leaf and UFTD: Double leaf

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