A Greener Compact Refrigeration System

In our last blog post Oh For A Controlled Environment we talked about how refrigeration systems from the Intarcon range (for which we are the exclusive UK agents) are being developed to offer some of the best ‘green’ credentials in the current, commercial refrigeration market. This is all in the context of the new F […]

Intarcon Refrigeration Systems At Chillventa 2014

When it comes to refrigeration systems, Intarcon SL is the manufacturer of choice for many businesses. As a leading European manufacturer, Intarcon’s name has become synonymous with quality refrigeration systems which are noted for premium performance and reliability. This combination of factors makes them the unequivocal solution for a wide range of refrigeration applications, especially where […]

From Natural History to Engineering

Welcome to the world of polyurethane insulation panels – cold rooms, industrial refrigeration systems, environmental test chambers (clean rooms) and even low cost housing solutions. That’s the world we live in every day here at our main UK base and we hope this blog will afford you an insight into some of the more unusual […]