Refrigeration Plant Delivery

Refrigeration is our passion and, for us, the world of refrigeration plant is always exciting. New customers and new installations bring new challenges and there’s always a few more miles on the clock for those all important client meetings. Our cold room travels post offers an insight into that aspect of our ‘cold’ world!

One thing we find our staff readily get excited about is when a new delivery of stock comes in. These photographs were taken recently on the arrival of a container of new refrigeration plant equipment. We design, supply and install premium quality cold rooms and clean rooms and refrigeration plant is required for both, hence it is a core part of our materials inventory in the UK.

refrigeration plant delivery

Container of refrigeration plant arrives at Frimatec UK

container of refrigeration plant

View inside the container

compact and industrial refrigeration units on forklift

Offloading of the stock

You might wonder why we would take these photographs to share with you. Well, it is all about commitment to providing our customers a premium service. The purpose of deliveries such as this to our UK Head Office is simple – to be able to transport refrigeration plant to a customer in a very short time frame. We know from many years of experience that being able to deliver on time is crucial, especially in the refrigeration business. Old refrigeration equipment tends to break down suddenly and threaten the ongoing operations of the cold room or clean room where it has been installed.

Importance Of Refrigeration Plant

Example 1
A cold storage facility for pre-cooked foods, lab materials or refrigerated supermarket stock. This could be anywhere from a fast food outlet to a hospital to a large refrigerated warehouse. We supply commercial monoblock units for the smaller scale facilities and industrial monoblock refrigeration for the larger ones such as distribution warehouses.

Example 2
A clean room for silicon chip manufacturing or a hospital operating theatre where close control of humidity and temperature is important. Our refrigeration chillers are supplied for this type of application.

Whatever the facility and its use, only efficient operation of the equipment that controls the environment will do the job. Anything less and production lines might be affected, food availability might be restricted or even potentially lives put at risk. So when we receive an order to supply new refrigeration plant we want our customers to know that they can expect a speedy and reliable service. This sense of commitment is fundamental to our business ethos.

Next time you are in your car and see a container on the road in front of you, do not be tempted to get frustrated because your view is restricted and you cannot overtake. Instead, stop and think about what might be in that container. You never know, it could be a delivery of refrigeration plant on its way to help maintain proper refrigeration at your local supermarket or one of your local fast food outlets. Imagine how you would feel if when you got there your favourite chilled foods were not available because the old refrigeration plant was waiting to be fixed! 🙂