Refrigeration Package Systems


Intarsplit refrigeration package systemThe INTARSPLIT split system line covers the 5 most common commercial refrigeration applications from cutting and preparation halls to positive and negative cooling rooms up to 400m3.

INTARSPLIT is a split system specifically designed to offer you maximum comfort: accessibility to components, low noise option, oversized condenser block for hot countries…
Total control of production and numerous factory inspections ensure optimum operating reliability.
The 5 pre-selected applications are as follows:

– Double-flow unit cooler: rooms at +8 °C / DT 10K.
– Cubic unit cooler: rooms at +6 °C / DT 6K, +2 °C / DT 8K,
0 °C / DT 8K and -20 °C / DT 7K,

The fin spacing and defrost methods are different for each application.

• The condensing unit is housed for outdoor installation. Three compressor technologies are available: hermetic pistons, semihermetic pistons and Scroll. Each compressor is equipped with an oil sight glass, case heating element, suction and delivery valves.
• LP regulation and HP safety are provided by factory-set pressure switches.
• The vertical condenser is equipped with 1 to 4 fans depending on the model with different rotation speeds to suit various environmental conditions.
• As standard, condensing pressure regulation is provided with variation of the fan speed or with the pressure switches depending on the model.
• The liquid receiver is equipped with an outlet valve to isolate the liquid line composed of a filter drier cartridge, a sight glass and a manual shut-off valve.
• The electrical enclosure is incorporated into the casing and the main circuit-breaker is protected in a case to avoid any damage during transport.
• The unit is pre-charged with R407A refrigerant.
• Units are available in low noise configuration.


• Dual discharge evaporator, low noise level or cubic depending on the applications,with factory-fitted
expansion device and solenoid valve. For further details, consult our commercial evaporators brochure.

• Electronic regulation.
• Defrost control (air or electric).
• Lighting control.
• Display and transfer of alarms.
• All units can have XWEB option Remote Monitoring.
• An additional programmable contact (door open, person inside enclosure safety switch)
• Built-in forced operation for fast cooling or freezing.


Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial industrial cooling applications, the INTARSPLIT condensing unit line comprises capacities from 5 to 75 kW. These totally enclosed units are installed outdoors either on the ground or on the roof.The INTARSPLIT  line offers a solution to noise problems (down to 39 dBA at 10 m with the low noise level option), and may be used under extreme outdoor temperature conditions.

• Painted sheet metal chassis with enamelled sheet metal casing. Installed outdoors on the ground or roof.

• Semi-hermetic reciprocating (7.5 to 50 HP) with suction and delivery valves, crankcase heater and head cooling fan for negative applications.
• Standard H5-H6 or H9 Standard with tube end protection casing.
• With service and safety valves.
• Includes of a filter drier cartridge, sight glass and a shutoff valve.
• Assured by a HP pressure switch cartridge, an auto LP pressure switch, HP regulation and oil differential pressure switches.
• Electrical enclosure: sealed, with circuit-breaker on the side and “power on” light indicator. Outputs and unit protection devices. Designed to accommodate as many cooling outputs as required.
• The enclosure is closed with a 1/4-turn screw. Possibility to latch the door open during service.
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